Pulsar is a great popular music fair located in Santiago, Chile in November. People there can attend to courses, exhibitions and they can even listen to the best exponents of national music plus some international artists too.

This interesting music fair has been around for a couple of years now and the idea is to exhibit it once a year, it is expected that the attention in the fair increases between young and general audiences who are interested in the current musical scenario.

Pulsar has been shown in these two places:

On 2010 it was exhibited in the recently inaugurated GAM (Gabriela Mistral Center) and on 2011, due to the increasing amount of people it was exhibited inSantiago’s Chile Estación Mapocho.

The most entertaining fact to the fair’s attendees is that they can not only listen to their favorite group or solo artists’ live performances but also they can learn with them by attending remedial classes and workshops that these artists lead in special areas inside the fair.

Besides, the people who visit the fair will have the opportunity to buy musical instruments or find out about their latest updates and experience with them.

Another activity that has generated much interest is the performance of emerging bands so they can develop their musical concepts in small shows in front of the audience and music industry people from record companies who will be looking forward to hearing these new bands and ultimately sign them to the label if these bands fulfill the expectations.

All these activities are mainly financed by private sponsorships, the government’s own initiative, the SCD (Chilean Society of Authors) and from Musica por Chile foundation who seeks to make popular music known through these activities.

Some of the artists included in 2010’s bill were: The Ganjas, Afrik Live and Pata E’ Cumbia

Some labels and related music industry that were part of the exhibitions and sponsorship were:  Algorecords, Discos Riobueno, Sello Cazador, Portaldisc, Pulsar, Sello Oveja Negra among others. There were also local universities with their own conservatory of music, and institutes related to music.

We hope this initiative from Pulsar’s organizers let many people have the possibility to know and express themselves in the music world.


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