Maquinaria Festival, Santiago, Chile – 12-13 November 2011

Maquinaria Festival is a popular music festival, held for the second time this year in Chile. It is a massive showcase for many and varied styles of music, played out to an audience of thousands of fans. This year’s festival featured famous local and foreign musicians, who were joined by emerging artists from all over the world.

National musicians from Chile put on some very interesting shows, for example: Francisca Valenzuela sang some of their own versions of popular songs from the 80’s in Chile. Gepe surprised us again.

The main stage was taken by the international rockers: Chris Cornell who was part of the Grunge movement, with his original band, Soundgarden. Also present were Faith No More, not so young in years these days, but who with their brazen and rebellious attitude still exemplified rock power.

Another act who also made a great impact were Stone Temple Pilots, fathers of grunge rock, coupled with the powerful sound of Alice In Chains. The incredible indie band, Crystal Castles and the always wonderful and independent Sonic Youth gave us more to enjoy.

In contrast, there were also many reggae and hip hop hip-hop acts such as Snoop Dog, local rap musicians, los Violadores del Verso, and also the son of Bob Marley, Damian Marley. Music runs through his veins, the winding and hypnotic Jamaican reggae sound drawing a large number of people away from the main stage.

The respect and order shown in the audience was a real highlight for me. There was no fighting, or disorder, which has so often tainted shows in Chile when people are under the influence of durgs and alcohol.

This year’s line-up:

The musicians that were presented were:

Alice in Chains (rock)

Faith no more (rock)

Stone Temple Pilots (Grunge)

Chris Cornell (Rock)

Snoop Dogg (Hip Hop)

Damian Marley (reggae)

Megatheth (heavy metal)

Original Movement (Reggae Collective)

Violators of Verse (national rap)

Pepper (Dub Reggae Punk)

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (alternative rock)

Duff McKagan’s Lead (Heavy Metal)

Sonic Youth (Rock Alternative)

Down (heavy metal)

Miyavi (Japanese rock)

Inspiral Carpets (pop rock)

Alain Johannes

Vicarious Bliss

Soya (alternative)

Tiga (electronics)

Gui Boratto (electronic bossa nova)

The Black Angels (rock)

Members of Morphine and Jeremy Lyons (Jazz Rock)

The Magician (electronic)

Luis Flores (electronic)

Crystal Castles (Indie)

Bag Raiders (electronic pop)

Perrosky (national blues)

James Murphy (Funk album)

The Ganja (country rock)

Francisca Valenzuela (singer)

Matanza (electronic Dub)

Ellen Allien (electronics)

Matias Aguayo (electronics)

Gepe (songwriter)

written by Marisol Javiera Pinto Adán for ChileVibe

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