Lana del Rey: Reasons for success

To us, up to a few months ago, Lana Del Rey was a kind of unknown name, now it is the current thematic present all the time at least in music blogs and up to date pop culture. It is a fashion and music leader. Now we tell you what is this multimedia industry phenomenon nowadays.

Lana del Rey was born as a solo music project by a girl called Elizabeth Grant who after trying luck in her hometown New York, USA, was heard by chance by Paul McCartney’s producer and he considered that she had a great talent and look to be seen by the world as a symbol of glamor. For many it was an adventurous statement considering for example what happened to actress Scarlett Johansson in her short-lived music career to obtain that title of princess of glamor that eventually Lana Del Rey could achieve in short time.

It was speculated that this was just an invent from the music industry to sell a fictitious and computational product in order to take out from the market whoever didn’t have Elizabeth’s look. Anyhow it was clearly demonstrated in 2010 (the year of her first song and video) that Lana Del Rey was a real person.

However the criticism continued in some music blogs as they were convinced that this creation was just a marketing product, but when she was seen modeling in glamorous fashion shows it could be proven that she was the new Briggitte Bardott from the digital era. This was in January 2010.

Her success kept growing dramatically as in 2011 websites such as youtube she had the admirable quantity of 22 millions of views

Her fans say that in fact her music sound like the new french songs from the ’60s and ’70s and her elegant look contrasts with the stridency of other artists from her same generation and regardless her name is a mistake from a bad translation, she has been a real success in the music industry and a trend in fahion and music.

She will release her first album this 2012 with huge media exposure and as much publicity as possible. Will Lana del Rey keep her success?


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