Ladytron / Shy Child at Industria Cultural, Santiago, Chile – 23/11/2011

Shy Child’s opening set was short and sweet and crystal clear.  A synthpop act from New York, part of the Wall of Sound label, this wasn’t their first visit to the venue.  Some had come especially to see them, and they were rewarded with ten tracks of electro-happiness, rounded off with their latest single Open Up The Sky.

The Ladytron sound was lacking both clarity and intensity, but the crowd didn’t seem to mind.  Due to Mira being heavily pregnant, the audience were requested not to smoke during the performance – many abandoned the gig entirely and snuck round the back to grab a crafty puff.  Still hundreds remained and danced the night away to the set, which mainly focused on tracks from their latest release Gravity The Seducer.  As always, it was the old hits that bought the biggest response of the evening: three encores, Seventeen, Playgirl and Destroy Everything You Touch – and just as the set seemed to be picking up energy, the night came to an end.

Ladytron’s most recent album Gravity The Seducer is available on iTunes Chile.

Shy Child’s most recent album Liquid Love is available on iTunes Chile.

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