Iggy Pop in Hungary (the punk party continues!!)

Iggy Pop is a rebellious and ironic musician that has made us part of his games, sometimes a bit excessive, onstage. His talent is intact despite the passage of time (he was born in 1948 in the U.S.).  Iggy Pop is a strong person, also called the Iguana of Rock, he remains despite everything he once did or experienced including excesses of drugs and alcohol.

What brings us together today is his appearance in Hungary at the Volt festival where he is the guest star and it promises to be the great initiator of a punk party that is always part of Iggy’s music and live shows.

Iggy Pop is part of what is called the “sacred triangle” as featured on a documentary from the BBC, where he is shown and related to musicians David Bowie and Lou Reed.

They were in their golden age where rock was done based on ambiguity with influence from the Glam movement, where he was its initiator for he played an important role by his physical figure which according to some (even nowadays) was very attractive due to his daily practices of eastern disciplines like Tai- Chi.

Among his musical curiosities, the musician paid tribute to Madonna recently by performing her most famous songs such as Like a Virgin among others and if we think about his habitual behavior it was not an elaborated performance in an ironic way but it was a form of tribute to recognize her as the great pop diva, showing so his chameleon being and diverse taste in music.

We just have to wait and comment his show in Hungary… What surprise will he prepare for this occasion?


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