Caramelos de Cianuro: A hit in Venezuela and now in Chile

Caramelos de Cianuro is a venezuelan band that combines a rock look in their members and
pop music.

They have achieved enormous success in Latinamerica due to their recent performances with
musicians such as Alanis Morrisette, Juanes, No Doubt and Oasis, among others at the annual
pop music festival in Caracas where Caramelos de Cianuro had a chance to share their songs
with those artists.

Now they will make their video debut in our country (Chile) where they have already had a
massive success as their songs have been played over many local radio stations.

The video was filmed in the beaches of San Roque, in Venezuela, where the tourist beauty of
the place is the main focus.

They have had more than 100 performances in 2011 in different places of the U.S., including
Washington, Miami and New York.

They have been confirmed at the Vive Latino festival in Mexico this year and it is guessed
that soon they will come to Chile to promote their albums.

We have the pleasure to show you their official web sites and we assure you lots of fun
with their lyrics and melodies that contain great sense of humor and criticism of some
sectors from society…


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