50 years of the Declaration of Human Rights (made in music)

The Amnesty International organization has prepared an interesting and wonderful music
compilation about human rights, as a way to express the human rights through music.

With this cultural and informative initiative, which in turn is an original and creative
way, the human rights have been manifested through songs performed by current artists and
others that no longer are with us.

The idea to think about and fit with the different realities within society is the main
focus of these rights that began as a way to expose the diverse ways to express our
freedom, for example, by considering the freedom of speech (one of the most important Human
Rights for the development and formation of people in their life) and the proposal of the
rights for sexual minorities in our current days, all of this is summarized in a music
release with lyrics and music by Bob Dylan but interpreted by musicians from different
nationalities and styles such as: Jazz, Rock, Electrónica, Folk , Punk, with the guest
appearances of Joan Báez, Miles Cyrus, Patti Smith, and Tom Morello… reuniting so more
than 75 artists in total.

It is worth mentioning the incessant work of musician Bob Dylan during his life for peace
and defense of human rights in the world, alluding to these subjects through his music and

This interesting material is available online at the amnesty’s website, the songs can be
downloaded at a low price and their funds will go in direct benefit to the people that the
Amnesty International organization helps.





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