Mexican rock wants a chilean drummer

Musician Mauricio Clavería, former drummer of chilean band La Ley, would be the new member
of legendary mexican rock band Fobia, whose other members are: Darío González and Federico

Mauricio Clavería’s participation began in February this year at the Corona Música festival
in Acapulco (México). To him working with Fobia is not a strange thing as he had already
collaborated sporadically with the singer of the band (Leonardo Lozano) in 2007 in a
different music project called Los Concorde.

The two musicians (Clavería y Lozano) agree that La Ley (chilean rock band), has an
important and honorary place in contemporary rock in Latinamerica.

Fobia has scopes for Clavería as they believe he can help in the songwriting of the
drumming sections for the new album which they pretend to release in May this year with a
title to come but that had already started recording last year and it only needs to
fine-tuning a few details.

It will be like feeling the strong sound of La Ley’s drums combined with great memories.


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