Matías Cena y Los Fictions release new album

This interesting national band combines folk elements with a clear influence from western
americana and jazz from their roots linked with ragtime that Matias Cena has recovered in
part in the music he usually performs

The band has released a new album: “Arauco y Cajun” that summarizes their live performances
in different places in Latinamerica, such as Uruguay, Argentina, Santiago and Valparaíso
last year, (2011).

The name of the album is a combination of two well known locations in Chile: Arauco and
Cajón, with Cajun, which is in the Mississippi in the U.S., where he has kept a music style
that has inspired this band in their compositions.

This band has recorded most of their albums at Algo Records, where they as producers and
recording studio have been famous by releasing as many albums by chilean artists as they
can in vinyl format, such as Perrosky (who have also helped producing Matias Cena’s album).

You can buy it by writing at the singer’s email address

It only costs 5.000 pesos if you make the purchase in advance.

In March this year they will have a release party for their new album at a local place in
Bellavista, in Santiago, Chile, the date will be posted soon in our calendar of events.

We hope to hear the new material soon, so we can listen to the roots of jazz, according to
Matías Cena’s interpretation, in a fresh and joyful sound, just like Cajun and ragtime.



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