File 2012

This is an interesting international symposium and electronic music festival which will be held in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil on February 2012. It covers the more experimental and non-commercial side of electronic music so it is experienced by massive audiences through a series of symposiums, exhibitions and related art linked to the more current futurist movement in the electronic music and the avant-garde as well.

This year most artists will be summoned through social networks on the internet. As a sample of the work done in earlier years you can find in the festival’s official website an interesting catalog of record companies and their most representative artists who were part of previous editions of the event.

In this catalog we can see musicians exposing their art from many different countries such as: China, Australia and Spain.

The idea of this festival is the selection of the best representatives in the avant-garde and music through futurist art and creation with no imagination boundaries. We will see something similar in Chile’s own BVAM this year.

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