Dinky – on moving from Chile to Berlin

Resident DJ at the Panorama Bar in Berlin, Dinky recently talked to the Santiago Times about the music scene in Chile. Her thoughts reflected a lot of what we discovered during our six months on Start-Up Chile: those who work in the music industry are considered hobbyists instead of professionals, it isn’t considered a career, and there isn’t a lot of help available for them from the government.

Dinky told the Santiago Times she considered the Chilean music scene to be very conservative when compared to Europe and the USA, which is why many Chilean artists felt like they had to leave the country to find success.

‘Dimension D’ was released at the end of June, and is available to buy through Beatport.

Read the full interview in the Santiago Times

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  1. Dinkys toy says:

    Can u remove the DJ before her artist name ? DJ Dinky is someone else , a trance dj from Mexico ,she is known by Dinky, never DJ Dinky

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