Bestival 2012 News

Bestival is a traditional music event in Europe, on the Isle of
Wight, England. It will be held on the beginning of September and it
will include many different guests artists who will feature diverse
and extravagant rock performances mixed with unique and colorful ways
to show art rock to the world.

This year bands such as Sigur Rós from the Nordic, known in Chile by
their delicate music and lyrics, will perform their colorful side as
they will be dressed up in colorful clothes showing good sense of
humor which is unusual from them as they were also known by their
serious attitude (as seen on their videos) and by the use of oniric
images representing childhood.

While Orbital will present their great capacity in electronic dance
music using futuristic images on stage.

Now out of stage there will be varied entertainments like a place for
foodies who will taste samples and dishes by different chefs who
participated in a previous contest just for to be present at

The attendees will also have a room to practice yoga and other modern
tendencies of relaxation leaded by musician David Byrne.

Another thematic area will be especially devoted to Bollywood and all
their tendency in music and films which show the contemporary
artistic and cultural expressions from India, making their music and
movies a parody of western films from Hollywood in the 1950s and
There will also be a place to discover called “The Great Palace of
Fun” where colorful scenery surrounded by phosphorescence and exotic
flowers will be shown with a good amount of audiovisual stimulant in
this enjoyable place.
Of course there will be areas for kids too and other alternatives to enjoy also.

The news and previous events will be shown at the tickets are already being sold on the internet starting officially from today.



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