Slagsmålsklubben spend their summer weekends entertaining mud-covered festival goers in countries all over Europe. Over the last 7 years, they have played in front of over two million people, and have established themselves as an act that must not be missed.

The group’s name is a comical literal translation of ‘Fight Club’, just like the movie. Often abbreviated to ‘SMK’ by lazy journalists and non-Swedish speakers, that is what they are offering: Swedish Modern Keyboard. Synthpop, bitpop, chiptune – call it what you will – it’s mood-affirming music that makes people dance.

Inspired fan-made videos litter YouTube, receiving millions of views. Other artists beg for a chance to have SMK remix their tracks. Their last album, Boss for Leader, was released on EMI Sweden and reached number 3 in the Swedish charts. The bases are built, now it’s time to expand, enlighten the masses, and lighten their moods.




Slagsmålsklubben’s members are: Björn, Hannes, Joakim “Beebop” Nybom, Joni Mälkki, Kim Nilsson and Frej Larsson. Living together in a mansion in the outreaches of Stockholm, they have 24/7 access to a home studio, and their productivity and output never ceases.

The new album ‘The Garage’ will be released in Europe in Spring 2012. ChileVibe will be working with Slagsmålsklubben to promote their music in Latin America and other territories, starting with a music video, artwork and remix competition early in the New Year. Chilean DJs, artists and film-makers will be invited to take part in the competition, with a grand prize worth 1 million Chilean pesos.

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