Astro are a Chilean band who stand out for their artistic quality and for creating energetic live performances.  The line up: Octavio Cavieres, Nicholas
Arancibia, Daniel Varas and Andy Nusser, have rapidly and effectively positioned themselves for success on both a national and international level.

The story starts in September 2008. By mid-2009 they were known on the the local indie scene, playing major events in Santiago.

In April 2009 they released their first EP, “Le Disc Astrou” in digital format through the Danish label “Wash Dishes”. The sound is surprisingly fresh, and led to the band performing their first international dates in Argentina and Uruguay. At the beginning of 2010 they were invited to participate in the prestigious Mexican festival “Vive Latino”, where they shared the stage with many top-name international artists.

In Mexico, Astro caused a stir in the independent media with an unexpected radio hit thanks to their song “Master Distortion,” which led them to sign with the agency “Entertainmex” and the label “Terrícolas Imbéciles” (In English: “Earthlings Retards”).  They produced a  special physical version of “Le Disc Astrou”  in September 2010. In less than a year, the album reached 2,000 sales.

“Master distortion” was chosen by the Chilean director Matias Lira to be part of the soundtrack of “Drama”. Movie released in October
2010 in Chile,.  In early 2011, the physical edition of Le Disc Astrou (Rio Bueno Discos – Discos Tue Tue) was released and the band performed several live shows. In April they were invited to participate in the first version of Lollapalooza Chile, where their strength was evident on stage, and their taste for different instruments and sounds was evident. Following their performance, there was an invitation to participate in the consolidated Colombian festival “Rock al Parque”, the largest free festival in Latin America, where the band played before more than 120,000 people.

Currently, Astro is touring in Chile after having just released their new album. The production, self-titled, consists of 12 songs, the first single “Deer” was made available for free on the band’s website for a promotional period.  The video is also available to view at

The first LP of  Astro was officially launched on December 2 in Chile with a spectacular performance at the Cultural Center Matucana 100. The event was a success, with the main theater filled to capacity. Surprising the audience with a full show the quality marked a milestone in the history of the band and the Chilean independent music scene.  The show also was followed live via the Internet by thousands of people in Chile and around the world. Channels to be broadcast on national, Mexican, American and Spanish, among others.

The album is available on vinyl and digital,  and the band are preparing a second music video and finalising plans to tour Argentina next year.

Astro is a energetic band with a great presence, and are reputed to be one of the most interesting bands on the new Latin American scene.

2012 will see Astro participate in SXSW (USA), Nrmal (Mexico) and Primavera Sound (Spain).

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